Fall days and evenings are perfect for gatherings and a clean deck is the right place for entertaining.

Fall parties on your deck or patio in Harrisburg, NCSeptember is here and it’s the time for outdoor gatherings on your deck or patio. Warm days and cool evenings create the perfect atmosphere for hosting friends and family. The smell of cookouts and the glow of patio lights will fill the air for the next two and half months. It’s what many people long for following the dog days of summer. This idea of hosting such an event is not hard to sell to most homeowners. However, if the deck is not clean and ready for guests, it could put a damper on the excitement to invite people over.

Does your deck or patio have ugly stains hiding the wood or composite decking’s beauty? If the answer is yes, An ugly deck before pressure washing it in Harrisburg, NCjust know that these dark areas can be more than the difference between a beautiful or ugly outdoor living space. And while these stains ARE taking away from your deck’s beauty, the real problem may not present itself for years to come. These stains are much like the symptoms of disease that are there for years before ultimate death. The cause of those stains can lead to extensive damage, because they are the result of harmful elements. That buildup of grime, mildew and algae can break down the deck materials.

The good news is that the cleaning professionals at Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC are the Charlotte area’s deck cleaning experts.


Safely Cleaning Your Deck is the Answer

The pressure washing experts at Camelot have years of training in the proper cleaning of deck materials, hardscapes and other exterior surfaces. They use the softwash cleaning technique, ensuring your surfaces will be cleaned safely. Softwash is a combination of gentle water pressure and environmentally-safe detergents. This approach is the best for thoroughly cleaning with no threat of damage to wood, composite decks or patio materials. Amateur pressure washers likely won’t take this approach.

Deck cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCMany amateurs think you can just “blast away” grime on patio blocks and concrete. That’s a bad assumption, because block can break under intense water pressure and concrete can scar, like a knife in hot butter. This damage is costly to a homeowner, especially if the “cheaper option” is not insured. The Camelot Pressure Washing techs are trained to clean the right way with the right products. 

Camelot’s cleaning experts will also assess your other building materials in need of cleaning. Failure to remove grime can shorten the life of siding, fences, outbuildings, etc…. 

Contact Camelot to Pressure Wash Your Deck

Contact us here to schedule a pressure washing appointment to clean your deck, patio or other outdoor living space. If you want to talk with a staff member about Camelot‘s work, call the office at 704-400-0623. 

The Camelot techs pressure wash housessidewalks, patiosdecks, driveways and even remove graffiti. They also install gutter guard protection. Click here to read Camelot’s Google pressure washing reviews. Camelot is licensed and insured to work on residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Charlotte, NC area, including the two MAIN service areas of Concord and Harrisburg.