As the summer season winds down, the school year begins in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

As summer ends, the back-to-school rush is starting, well at least in a strange kind of way, because of COVID-19. Nonetheless, it will be a busier season with restrictions easing; classroom and online learning beginning; and the general Back to school in Charlotte, of fall in the Charlotte area. Parents are ready for a break, but probably not ready for fewer daylight hours and the coming end of the calendar year. We at Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC want to try and help. First, here are some links to planning for a return to school and having fun in fall, while still playing it safe.

Secondly, we want to remind you of our cleaning services, because we know you don’t need one more thing on your to-do list. Contact us now and schedule a pressure washing appointment with us, a professional cleaning company. We pressure wash — or softwash — just about anything around the house. And, we do it the right way, because no one wants damage or a worse looking house after paying for an exterior cleaning. Our techs are experts in the softwash technique, which is the combination of gentle water pressure and the right cleaning detergents. These environmentally-friendly cleaning agents will not harm your home or your landscaping.

Just imagine how beautiful your house will look after the Camelot Pressure Washing techs finish cleaning. Many homeowners don’t even realize how dull their house looks, until they see the finished product. Most never pay close attention, because mold, mildew and grime build up gradually. They can’t even see the change from when they moved in years ago. Most of our customers love to walk across the street and look back in amazement after the cleaning.


Our Pressure Washing Services

Camelot Pressure Washing techs are the local power washing experts in driveway cleaninghouse washing, gutter cleaning and deck and patio cleaning.

Pressure washing by Camelot in Harrisburg, NCYou will love the way your home looks after our house washing service. We will get to the root of the problems that cause the growth in the first place. That problem is usually a moisture-induced fungus that needs to be neutralized through such a cleaning process. The result is a clean house now and one that will stay cleaner for much longer than a typical cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Concord, NCClogged gutters can lead to health hazards. Our techs know that mildew and other fungi can cause risks, which include severe allergies and respiratory distress. In addition to health concerns, misdirected rain water can damage a home’s structure. The fascia wood behind the gutters can rot. The house’s exterior walls can be damaged. And, if the water continues to pool around the base of the house, the foundation can be compromised. Clean gutters also create a beautiful frame to a home’s exterior.

Driveway Cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCOnce the home’s siding and gutters are clean, hardscape surfaces, which didn’t look so bad at first, now show their ugly side. We can safely pressure wash sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, decks, fences and just about anything else that can get dirty. And if your property is marred by graffiti, we can remove it. Studies show that removing such destruction, leads to fewer incidents.


Camelot Pressure Washing for Your Cleaning Needs

Contact us here or by calling our Harrisburg, NC office at 704.400.0623. You can also email our office staff at We are happy to provide a free estimate.

Our techs are licensed and insured to work on residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Charlotte, NC area, including our two MAIN service areas of Concord and Harrisburg.