Shotgun Fungus is a tough foe for pressure washing professionals, so keep your eyes open after mulching.

Camelot Pressure Washing cleaning techs have the expertise and equipment for nearly every tough element that can mar properties in the greater Charlotte, NC area. These include mildew, moss, dark-colored streaks and stains. This also includes the grime found on a house, deck, sidewalk, fence, etc…. But the Shotgun fungus or Artillery fungus (black dots on siding) can be removed by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NClittle black dots found on siding this time of year are nearly impossible to remove. Artillery Fungus — also known as Shotgun Fungus — are spores that launch from the ground onto exteriors walls. Once they harden, it will take patience and a hand tool to remove them.


“What are the Black Dots Covering My Siding?”

Shotgun fungus originates in mulch and it is undetectable until it starts to “bloom.” And since homeowners love to add to landscapes this time of year, the following advice will go a long way towards avoiding frustration. The fungus’ name is derived from the Greek word for “spear thrower,” as it indicates how the black Black dots caused by artillery fungus come from mulch.spores are propelled onto a home’s siding from contaminated mulch. The launch can spray up to 20 feet high. The spores are extremely adhesive and will stick to any surface, but are not harmful to building materials. That is about the only good news.

“What can I do about these black dots?” is a common question by homeowners looking at a bespeckled wall. Once you’re asking it, it’s too late. The thing is prevention, meaning, you should inspect your siding right after the mulch is put down. Since most people add mulch to flower beds in spring, this is when to keep a close eye on the walls close to the new mulch. If you see a few black dots, remove the mulch immediately and clean the walls with soap and a soft scrub brush. The mulch should be moved away from the house or other structures for two weeks. That is the duration of the ‘shooting season.”

There are no proven treatments to kill this fungus.


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