Once the leaves fall, don’t forget the ones that may now clog your gutters.

Gutters in need of cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCThe leaves have turned and many are falling. It will soon be hard to see the green grass. Homeowners will try to decide if to rake intermittently or wait until the trees are bare. The leaves that land on the roof and end up in gutters are leaves they don’t have to worry about, at least for the moment. However, when the late fall or early spring downpours can’t get to the downspouts, the worry will kick in. Anxiety might also be the response when melting snow refreezes as an ice dam, causing water to flow over gutters and down walls. You do not want to be getting out the ladder and ice pick in the middle of winter.

Read further to learn about the health problems caused by moisture in a home’s walls.


Clean Gutters Add Beauty to Your Home

Gutter Cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Concord, NCMany also never think about gutters being the “framing of a house.” Until homeowners experience exterior gutter cleaning, they don’t realize the beauty such a cleaning adds to the house. Since gutters — like many parts of the home’s exterior — get dirty over time, it’s easy to forget what clean gutters look like. The homeowner just doesn’t notice the gradual deterioration. But freshly cleaned gutters add more to the overall picture than most can imagine. Curb appeal can make a huge difference to neighbors, or potential buyers.

Clean gutters inside and out are worth the investment.

Possible Health Problems and Property Damage from Clogged Gutters

The professionals at Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC know how important it is to keep gutters clean and functioning at a high level. This is why they offer gutter cleaning as part of their pressure washing services. They know that mildew and other fungi can cause health risks, such as severe allergies, that result in respiratory illness. The triggering of an asthma attack is the most dangerous of the afflictions. The more severe asthma cases can Water damage in a home in Harrisburg, NCcause hospitalization or even death.

Misdirected rain water can also damage your home’s structure. The wood behind the gutters can rot. The house’s exterior walls can be damaged. And, if the water continues to pool around the base of the house, the foundation can be compromised, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Camelot‘s techs will make sure the gutters are clean inside and out. Many homeowners are amazed by the house’s transformation. And, if you’re selling your home, you can bet prospective buyers will notice as part of their first impression from the curb.

For more information on the importance of clean gutters, click here for an article from a trusted source. Learn how clean gutters can help you avoid foundation damage and the attraction of unwanted pests.

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