Fall colors, firepits, friends and fun. Is your deck ready to entertain guests?

Fall parties on your deck or patio in Harrisburg, NCIt’s the time of year for outdoor gatherings on the deck or patio. The smell of cookouts and the fire pit will fill most of the cool evenings for the next two months. It’s what many people long for following the hot summer days. Yes, you’re ready for this season and it’s finally here. But is your deck ready? Does it have that “just built” look or more like that “it’s ready to crumble” look? 

Does your deck or patio have ugly green and black stains? If the answer is yes, just know that these dark areas can be more than the difference between a beautiful home and an unsightly outdoor living space. And while these stains ARE taking away from your home’s beauty, the real problem may not present itself for several more years. The root cause of those stains can cause extensive damage, because they are caused by harmful elements. That buildup of grime, mildew and algae can cause rot and may even be a health hazard for some.

Such contaminants need to be SAFELY pressure washed away sooner rather than later. Experts know how to remove the stains and leave your decking materials unharmed. Amateurs know how to blast away grime and scar decking materials and leave you, the customer, very unhappy.


A Dirty Deck is a Deteriorating Deck

An ugly deck before pressure washing it in Harrisburg, NCThe average lifespan of deck materials is between 15 and 20 years. The buildup of grime can take years off that lifespan. And, there are few who want to spend thousands of dollars on a new deck, because of neglect. Clean your deck now and save yourself lots of money in the long run.

Patio cleaning is important too, but more because of looks and again, the potential health concern for those with respiratory illnesses. Hardscape that is professionally cleaned can look beautiful again.

The Solution to Dirty Deck or Patio

The pressure washing experts at Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC — and serving the greater Charlotte, NC area — have years of training in the proper cleaning of deck materials and hardscapes. Many people — referencing the amateur pressure washers again — think you can just “blast away” Deck cleaning by Camelot pressure washinggrime on patio blocks and concrete, but that’s a bad assumption. Block can break under intense water pressure and concrete can easily scar, just like deck materials. This damage costs lots of money to fix.

The Camelot Pressure Washing experts use the softwash cleaning technique. Softwash ensures your deck or patio will be cleaned safely and thoroughly. Softwash is a combination of gentle water pressure and environmentally-safe detergents. This approach is the best for cleaning with little to no threat of damage to wood, composite decks or patio materials. Our techs are trained to clean the right way with the right products. 

Pressure Washing Damage to a wood deck in Charlotte, NC

        Pressure Washing Damage

Camelot’s cleaning experts will also give you a proper assessment of your other building materials that may be in danger of a shortened life due to harmful element buildup. 

Contact Us for a Fall Pressure Washing

Patio and deck cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NCSchedule a free estimate for a fall pressure washing of your deck, patio or any other aspects of your property. You can contact us here or call our Harrisburg, NC office at 704.400.0623. Our office staff can also be reached by email at info@CamelotPressureWashing.com. 

Camelot techs can safely pressure wash nearly every exterior aspect of a home or business in the greater Charlotte, NC area. They specialize in house cleaning, and pressure washing sidewalks, patiosdecks and driveways. They even remove graffiti and install gutter guard protection.