The 2024 Memorial Day weekend starts on May 25th.

The staff of Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC hopes you have a good Memorial Day weekend and an enjoyable “unofficial” beginning to summer. This is the season for special gatherings. Is your Charlotte, NC-area home ready for the visitors?

Pool deck cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCIf you clean and ready the interior of your home, Camelot‘s professional cleaning techs will make sure the exterior is welcoming to all coming up the front walkway. Camelot‘s pros are the area’s experts for all the pressure washing needs to renew your home’s exterior. Camelot’s cleaning services include house washingconcrete, deck (including pool decks), driveway, gutter and fence cleaning. They even do graffiti removal, using the softwash approach. This technique is best — and safest — for cleaning all surfaces.

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Below are Memorial Day points of interest and you can click here for local holiday weekend events.

Happy Memorial Day from Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC

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Memorial Day Facts

Did You Know: This year’s Memorial Day holiday is Monday, May 27, 2024. The holiday began after the American Civil War in 1868, when the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans, established it. It was originally called Decoration Day, because the citizens were encouraged to decorate the graves of those who died in the “war between the states.” By the 20th Century, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions merged and Memorial Day honored all Americans killed (see below) while in military service.

The Americans Lost in Major Wars and Honored on Memorial Day

  • American Civil War – 620,000 killed
  • World War II – 405,399 killed
  • World War I – 116,516Happy Memorial Day from Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC, serving the greater Charlotte, NC area
  • Vietnam War – 58,209
  • Korean War – 36,516
  • American Revolutionary War – 25,000
  • War of 1812 – 20,000
  • Mexican-American War – 13,283
  • The War on Terror – 7,078
  • Spanish-American War – 2,446
  • Gulf War – 258

Read more about the Memorial Day holiday by clicking here.