Christmas gatherings are in the works but is your house clean and ready?

Merry Christmas from Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NCChristmas gatherings — including parties and open houses — can be a fun way to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year.” But getting the house ready is another story. Luckily, the current stretch of good weather means Camelot Pressure Washing has some open dates for pressure washing before Santa arrives. That way the lights will be brighter as they reflect off a clean house, sideway, driveway, gutters, etc….

Contact Camelot in Harrisburg, NC right away to schedule a professional cleaning tech, or do so by calling the office at 704.400.0623. The Camelot email address is The Camelot techs specialize in house cleaning, and pressure washing sidewalks, patiosdecks and driveways. They even remove graffiti.

Just imagine your guests walking up on freshly pressure washed walkways leading to a house that looks like it was just built a week before the event. The party will be off to a great start before the front door opens and host shouts, “Merry Christmas!”

Ideas for a Perfect Christmas Party

Did you decide to be the one in the friend group to host this year’s holiday event? If so, read all about planning the perfect Christmas party. The link includes a checklist of theme suggestions, party games and activities, such as gift relays, gingerbread house competitions and karaoke. Just imagine an evening of fun, eggnog, singing, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. It could make your gathering the event of the year.

Christmas traditions in Harrisburg, NC. Camelot Pressure Washing does power washing before Christmas gatherings.

Christmas Traditions

This is the perfect time of year to make memories. Some of the traditional holiday traditions are easy to name, such as:

  1. Watching Christmas movies
  2. Cutting down a live tree and decorating it
  3. Driving to look at Christmas lights
  4. Making and decorating Christmas desserts
  5. Putting up Christmas lights

But if you want to add to this list, click on this link for some new Christmas traditions. These are memories that will last forever and can make for great photos to share with friends on social media.


Pressure washing by Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NCContact Camelot NOW for Pressure Washing in 2021

Schedule a late 2021 pressure washing appointment by contacting us here. But remember, cleaning tech availability is limited by the calendar and the weather.

Camelot’s techs use the softwash cleaning technique while serving residents and businesses throughout the greater Charlotte, NC area. That area includes Harrisburg, Concord, Kannapolis, Mt. Pleasant, Matthews, Pineville and Huntersville. Softwash includes using “just the right water pressure,” combined with gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents. These detergents are used to weaken the grip of dirt, mold, mildew and other natural elements that build up over the years.