The new year has arrived along with the resolutions for a great 2023.

Each January 1st brings reflections on the old year passing and dreams of the new one. The Camelot Pressure Washing staff members are grateful for another year of helping others with their cleaning needs. They met many new friends in 2022 who they hope to see for years to come. And when they do, they resolve to serve them well with pressure washing expertise.

New year's resolutions for 2023 in Harrisburg, NCAs folks are sitting down now to make their New Year’s Resolutions for 2023, they may need suggestions to consider to change and grow. The internet offers some non-typical resolutions like quitting multi-tasking, investing in your skin care, trying hydrotherapy, and more. Read the full article here for 65 options for your resolution list. For ways to best keep those promises to yourself, read this article for helpful tips.

If your list of resolutions includes beautifying your home, please let the Camelot techs help. A professional exterior cleaning will amaze you and your neighbors. Camelot‘s pressure washing experts know how to clean your home the right way. That right way includes using a softwash approach that will clean all surfaces — driveways, gutters, siding, sidewalks, decks awnings, fences and more — with no fear of damage. Only professionals can make that claim. Contact the Harrisburg, NC office today by clicking here, calling 704.400.0623 or emailing

While looking forward to a great 2023, enjoy some good news from the past year. The Camelot staff heard plenty of good news in the greater Charlotte, NC area, but you may have missed some of the great headlines (see below) that can bring a smile to your face.


Good News Headlines from 2022

The Nurses Who Saved 35 Newborns From a Fire

How Mariachi Brings a City Together

North America’s First Whale Sanctuary

Turning Old Tires into New Playgrounds

To read one or all of these 56 good news stories from Reader’s Digest, click on this link.

Happy New Year!