Camelot Pressure Washing techs successfully clean the toughest elements that nature has to offer. But Shotgun Fungus is among the toughest of challenges.


Our pressure washing techs can clean nearly every tough stain found on a house, deck, fence, etc… in the greater Charlotte, NC area. One of the toughest are the little black dots, often found on vinyl siding. If you’ve seen these on your home, you likely tried scraping them off with a fingernail. And then tried scraping harder. And finally, just short of tearing off a Shotgun fungus or Artillery fungus (black dots on siding) can be removed by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCnail, gave up in frustration and stomped away. The best advice we give is to prevent the fungus from attaching and then spreading.

What Are These Black Dots?

“Shotgun” fungus (Sphaerobolus stellatus) — also know as Artillery Fungus — originates in the mulch often found in flower beds around a home. Its name is derived from the Greek word for “spear thrower,” because of how the black spores are propelled from the ground onto the siding. The launch can spray up to 20 feet high. The spores are extremely adhesive and will stick to any surface. The spores aren’t harmful, but are extremely difficult to remove. The black dots resemble an artillery spray, or shotgun blast.

What Causes Shotgun Fungus?

Quite simply, the fungus and it’s mess come straight from infected mulch. It’s a common misconception that more expensive mulch will be fungus free, or that cheap mulch is more prone to having the fungus. This is simply not true. Artillery fungus can Shotgun fungus is found in mulch. Camelot Pressure Washing clean homes in the greater Charlotte, NC area.infect any organic mulch, and under the right conditions, it will flourish and create a pesky problem. Artillery fungus thrives in cool, moist, shady areas. If you have the telltale black dots on your home, you will notice that they are located above mulched areas where the fungus has shot their spores. In the North Carolina area, the fungus is actively shooting spores for approximately 2 weeks each year. Until action is taken, the dots will accumulate, getting worse every year.

What Is The Solution For Artillery Fungus?

At this time, Camelot Pressure Washing has no recommended solution for the removal of the fungus spores, however we can tell you how to stop them from getting worse. Unfortunately, pressure washing does not remove the spores. Some people have had luck using abrasive cleaning sponges and elbow grease.

The first step is to remove the infected mulch by raking and disposing. The second step is to replace the organic mulch with an inorganic material like rubber mulch or stone. This is the only way to ensure that the mulch is completely removed. Some people have had success smothering the fungus with plastic, or adding more mulch to the old mulch. We do not recommend this, as it rarely works.

Inspection is Better than Cleaning

The obvious solution is found in the wise saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound on cure.” If you must have mulch next to your house, routinely inspect the siding after putting down new mulch. As soon as you see the black dots, remove it immediately. 

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