May is Better Sleep Month and it’s a great time to clean your home’s exterior.

Everyone can use a good night’s sleep. Most can use many restful nights to keep up with the daytime demands. May is the perfect month to take steps toward fixing your sleeping habits (see below) AND hire a professional pressure washing company to take that off your lengthy to-do list. Some times that Sleep better when you hire Camelot Pressure Washing to clean your Charlotte, NC-area home or business.list is so long that you can’t relax enough to sleep. Let the exterior cleaning professionals of Camelot Pressure Washing take one one chore off your list. The can safely clean just about every surface at your home or business. The Harrisburg, NC-based business serves the greater Charlotte, NC area. You can see the details of their services and service area below.

Question: Are you selling your home during the spring season? A clean home is an important step toward attracting multiple buyers. And multiple buyers is the best way to get top dollar from real estate buyers.


Tips for Sleeping Better

  • Be consistent with your nighttime routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. This includes weekends. And try to get the same amount of sleep each night.
  • Avoid technology within a few hours of going to sleep. Don’t watch TV, use a computer, cell phone, or tablet in the bedroom.
  • Create a restful environment in the bedroom. Keep the room quiet, dark, and at a comfortable temperature. A sleep machine (white noise) and/or a fan may also help.
  • Relax prior to laying down to sleep. Taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to soothing music can help. Gentle body stretches can also help if tight joints often awaken you in the night.
  • Sleep better when you hire Camelot Pressure Washing to clean your Charlotte, NC-area home or business.Aroma Therapy can also help with sleeping. Inhaling lavender-scented products before bed has shown to relax the mind.

Impacts of Better Sleep Patterns

Better sleep can mean a better quality of life. Some of the positive impacts include:

  • Improved mood
  • Better cognitive function
  • Reduced stress
  • Stronger immune system & a lower risk of health problems
  • Better weight management


Camelot for a Professional Pressure Washing of Your Home or Business

Click here or call Camelot’Harrisburg, NC office at 704.400.0623 with pressure washing questions or to schedule an appointment. The office staff can also be reached by emailing They offer free estimates and are known for their great customer service. Here’s a Patio and deck cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NClink to hundreds of their pressure washing reviews.

The Camelot techs use the softwash technique to safely clean nearly every surface. They specialize in house washing, and pressure washing sidewalks, patiosdecks and driveways. They even remove graffiti and install gutter guard protection, perfect for the spring rainy season.

Camelot’s techs are licensed and insured to work on residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Charlotte, NC area, including their two MAIN service areas of Concord and Harrisburg. In Mecklenburg County, they travel to Charlotte, Cornelius and Pineville. Their techs also travel throughout Cabarrus County, including Kannapolis, Midland and Mount Pleasant. In Union County they offer service to Marvin, Matthews, Monroe, Stallings and Waxhaw.