Tax return season is a great time to fix up and clean up your home.

Tax return and stimulus for power washing by Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NCTax season is here –adjusted for the lingering pandemic — and you’ve either received your refund or you’re checking your account for it to hit soon. Some may soon be doubly blessed, receiving a stimulus check in addition to the refund. Remember, the government stimulus is to pay bills and/or to “stimulate” the local economy. Hiring a local company to clean your home accomplishes that objective.

Nonetheless, now is the time to decide what to do with that “found money.” Usually it’s a decision to spend it or save it. Most will do a little of both, or pay off some debt.

Tax return for power washing by Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NCWe won’t argue with getting out of debt, but we will say that hiring a professional pressure washing company to “upgrade” your home’s appearance IS a great investment in your biggest investment. We at Camelot Pressure Washing in Harrisburg, NC will properly and safely clean and restore your home’s beauty. Our techs use the softwash method to gently remove all the harmful elements. Many client’s — like the one below — have told us about the incredible difference a thorough cleaning made to their home.

“When we saw the end result, we couldn’t believe it was the same house! Years and years of dirt had built up with the previous owner and you made it look like new. I would absolutely recommend you without any hesitation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your attention, your professionalism and the high quality of your work!” — Michael R., Belmont, NC


What is SoftWash?

Softwash is the technique most true pressure washing professionals use on even the toughest stains. The professional cleaning techs at Softwash by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCCamelot Pressure Washing are trained to use softwash in the most effective manner. They use “just the right water pressure,” combined with gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents. These detergents are used to weaken the grip of dirt, mold, mildew and other natural elements. Once the detergent takes affect, the grime can be gently washed away.

The method of blasting away dirt and grime can easily damage many types of building materials. These materials include wood, concrete, siding, etc…

Damage can also come from doing nothing. The natural elements can break down these materials in a few short years.


A Little Ugly can do a Lot of Harm

Gutters in need of cleaning by Camelot Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NCA thorough cleaning will not only make all the surfaces shine like new, but will also remove harmful microbes from those surfaces. These elements can cause physical damage, contaminate air and lead to health problems. Buildup on outdoor living spaces and water invading exterior walls are the biggest health hazards. Clean gutters will ensure that rain water flows away from your home.

Water that streams down and into walls can be serious. It takes very little trapped moisture for mold and mildew to start and cause thousands of dollars in damage. In addition to the cost, such contaminants can easily trigger asthma attacks, respiratory issues and allergies, leading to long-term health problems.


Contact Camelot Pressure Washing to Schedule a Cleaning

Camelot pressure washing in Charlotte NCIf you would like to spend your tax return or stimulus check on a professional pressure washing of your home, schedule a free estimate soon. Contact us here or call our Harrisburg, NC office at 704.400.0623. Our office staff can also be reached by email at 

Camelot techs can safely pressure wash nearly every exterior aspect                      of a home or business in the greater Charlotte, NC area. They specialize in house cleaning, and pressure washing sidewalks, patiosdecks and driveways. They even remove graffiti and install gutter guard protection.