Tax season is here and returns will soon put extra money in pockets.

Tax season was delayed a bit due to COVID-19 complications. But it’s in full swing now and people will be filing soon. That means rapid returns to local bank accounts aren’t far off. As a homeowner, spend your money wisely, making the most of your Tax season and tax returns for pressure washing in Harrisburg, NCtreasure. Are you getting enough back to do a major upgrade? If so, congratulations! If your return is a little small, because you kept the right amount, congratulations!! But that extra money can still be used to “upgrade” your home with a thorough exterior cleaning.

The Camelot Pressure Washing professionals can make your home look new again. They’ll clean your siding, gutters, sidewalks, fences and decks to make it look like home improvement specialists completed thousands of dollars of work in just a couple hours. Just imagine your freshly scrubbed home with flowers in bloom during spring and summer. Contact us soon to get your appointment for when the weather breaks.


What’s the Harm in Green Patches and Black Streaks on my House?

If you house has green patches and black streaks, it’s not just ugly. These colors also represent damage, much like a bruise. But while a bruise will go away, these continue to stay and spread and break down building materials. Do you have any black Before and after pressure washing in Harrisburg, NCand green stains? If the answer is “yes,” your house has a build up of grime, mildew, algae and other damaging elements. If the answer is “yes,” then you should seriously consider a professional pressure washing by the cleaning experts at Camelot Pressure Washing.

Our cleaning techs use of the softwash technique for the cleaning of driveways, sidewalks, siding, gutters, fences, decks and more. Softwash is the combination of gentle water pressure and environmentally-safe detergents. It is the safest and best way to pressure wash. A thorough cleaning will not only make all the surfaces shine like new, but will also remove the microbes that can cause airborne health issues for your family. Buildup on outdoor living spaces and water that invades outer walls are the biggest personal health hazards.


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Camelot pressure washing in Charlotte NCTo contact us about a free pressure washing estimate, call 704.400.0623 or contact us online, just click here. We serve the greater Charlotte, NC area, including Concord and Harrisburg.

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